Economic growth consists of material growth, human growth, and financial growth.

Economic growth consists of material growth, human growth, and financial growth. Material growth is supported by expansion of production, human growth is prompted by consumption, and financial expansion is based on income. And, under the market economy, markets are the place where people, goods, and money are integrated. The work of markets which tries to harmonize the human balance, the material balance, and the monetary balance becomes the force to move the economy.

Economic growth, however, is generally recognized as a movement of money in the liberal economy. When we say economic growth, therefore, it is easily mistaken as a monetary value, i.e. a financial event. Because of this, it is made difficult to accurately grasp how the substantive economy such as goods and people is moving, and to bring it under control. Money represents nominal affairs while substances are in human beings and materials - which is not to be forgotten.

Monetary value is indicative of the product of goods and currency unit. As is clear from this, money has an effect to amplify the movement of economy, which might sometimes exaggerate the movement of goods and people. The movement of "money" rather weakens or disturbs the work of people and goods. Hyperinflation and Great Depression, too, are the phenomena caused by “Money”. In other words, without money, the Great Depression or hyper-inflation would not have happened. It is the matter of "Money" in a word. Man can survive without money. Man shall not live on bread alone. Money, however, only makes it more convenient. Today, money is indispensable in our daily life. But will of the people made it so, not God’s will. “Money” is the means, not the purpose. A focus of the modern society is that money, which is a means, is becoming the purpose and almighty. Only God is omnipotent. We should adopt a clear cut that "money" is merely a means, so as not to be ruled by money. For that reason, we must look straight at the entity. Money is the thing to be solved by people.

Current economy is ostensibly balanced for accounting purpose or in monetary system, but not in the material economy or human economy. Material economy and human economy are yet imbalance.

Current economy is forced to balance to tally with monetary world. Unless we bring down the monetary systems to tally with the human economy and material economy, the substantial economy shall not function smoothly. It is because the original purpose of the economic system is to balance the human and material economies. The reason is that it is the purpose of the economic mechanism to balance the economy of the person and the thing originally.

Unless the system of “Money” is rebuilt to correct the imbalance of people and materials, rich people shall have abundant money not knowing what to do with it, while poor people shall fall poorer and poorer. And we should conjecture how the materials and people should be, and reconstruct the monetary system accordingly. It is the people’s will that decides how the material-human relationship should be. That is why the strong will of human is tested. It is human’s will that leads people to downfall, or to prosperity. It is not God’s will. God exists just transcendentally.

It is necessary to clarify the actions of money against the movement of materials as to what, at any point of time and how. We believe in God, we hang our head and we beg His forgiveness. Let people’s affairs be to people, and God’s to God.

The essence of management is risk control. Things like risk control should not be founded on prophecy. Prophecy is an art of accurately reading everything that will happen in the future, and dealing with it. The future, however, is in the darkness and is not to be figured out. God only knows the future. It is beyond human intellect.

To control risks is to predict what can happen, and to set up measures against it in advance. People realize they are not omniscient and do everything they can to their fullest extent. That is the risk control. Do the best you can, and leave the rest to God.

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