The human race of today has now reached a turning point.

The human race of today has now reached a turning point.

Neither freedom nor democracy can be achieved by those who do not believe in God. This is because both freedom and democracy are God’s salvation. Those who do not believe in God take themselves to be gods.

We should not forget the fact that liberalism, democracy, science and even Christianity were all established under monotheistic principles. The important thing is that this is a fact. If one carefully reads the doctrines and scriptures, the direction being pointed out will be revealed.
It is the reality of God that those who do not believe in God may be said to be doomed.
Today, humans are no longer afraid of an arrogantly proud God.
People’s morals are in disarray, and they are always waging wars and losing pity for those who are weak.
And, although there are those in the liberal camp who do not believe in God and those who are just trying to get together only for the sake of money, that only serves to deny freedom.

After the Industrial Revolution, it was not only technological innovation that made large-scale businesses possible, it was bacause small amounts of funds from unspecified numbers of people became established as a means of financing business. For this to have happened, the establishment of modern accounting with double-entry bookkeeping at its foundation and the establishment of periodic profit and loss prompted the establishment of the concept of debt in which the establishment of periodic profit and loss played a major role. And this became the cornerstone of capitalism.
The concepts of debt and depreciation assume that a monetary system has penetrated the market.
The flow of money is what moves the mechanisms of the economy. The fact that breaking down the workings of money into unit periods made allocation of results possible is what enabled income to be achieved.
Large-scale business is formed by allocating the initial investment and capital investment into unit periods. Then, the flow of working capital adjusts the excess or shortage of funds and the recurring flow recovers the invested funds. It is necessary to capture funds from these three points of view in order to control economic entities and maintain harmony throughout the entire economy.
The means for distributing the cost of the initial investment in the unit period is depreciation. And profits are what provides the tangible results of the workings of the unit period. The modern market economy came into being by establishing this depreciation and unit profit.

Periodic profit and loss has two purposes: leveling income and expenditure and measuring the cost effectiveness of the unit period.

In the long term, the periodic profit and loss and the cash balance must be set so as to be integrated with each other.
The reason for this is because the validity of the periodic profit and loss must be guaranteed dependent upon the cash balance. In order to do this, if the periodic profit and loss and the cash-based accounts are not set to have a temporarily closed relationship, the correct functions will not be exhibited.

The fiscal deficit can not be solved by looking at financial conditions alone.
The essentials of finance can not be understood by only looking at the problem of finances as a matter of deficits or surpluses.
The fiscal deficit is caused by deviations in the flow of money.
The cash balance and economy overall have zero sum relationships. When a deficit exists on one side, it is countered by a surplus existing on the other. Whether something is a deficit or a surplus is a structural problem, and cumulative deficits are the caused by structural distortions.
Rather than considering this to be a deficit situation, it is a matter of money stagnating and the flow of money worsening. The stagnant money needs to be sucked up and recirculated. But this does not necessarily mean raising taxes. Rather, there is a need to improve the markets and income that make up the financial system - the entire structure of the economy’s mechanisms.

There is no one in the entire world who can monopolize all of the wealth.
The economy is made up of give-and-take relationships. These are not unilateral, one-sided relationships.
Two-way relationships are fundamental. And, this is the intention of God.
Such relationships can not be formed without assuming the presence of something that transcends ones self.
Those who deny God take themselves to be gods.
People all have a finite existence. They should not assume that their existence is infinite.
A relationship in which only someone or only some country benefits will not hold. Individual transactions assume equivalent exchanges.
It is not possible for those who do not believe in God to share in the mechanisms of the economy.

Partnering with those who choose to ignore this is akin to denying democracy.
Though faith alone it is possible to achieve democracy, liberalism and a market economy.

Lending and borrowing give birth to money. Money circulates because lending and borrowing are happening. In buying and selling, because there is no means of recovery, money flows in only one direction, and when it is no longer circulating, money diverges.
IOUs were the beginnings of paper currency. In other words, the essence of paper currency is the existence of a cash reserve.

Paper currency represents a liability for the issuing organization. Because it is a liability, paper currency is restricted by that which is used as collateral.
In other words, treating paper currency as a liability puts restrictions on it.
At one time, paper currency was backed by gold.

Paper currency is supplied to the market through the lending and borrowing of some economic entities and the issuing organization. Therefore the amount of paper currency in distribution appears as a balance in the accounts of the issuing organization.
Paper currency is issued as a liability for the issuing organization. Therefore, the collateral that backs the paper currency appears on the total assets side of its balance sheet. Net assets are not collateral. The reason for this is because what net assets point to is the suppliers of funds.
At present, government bonds and loan receivables are equivalent. From the point of creditworthiness, it is a certainty when the nation guarantees government bonds. Therefore, paper currency of today is issued with government bonds as collateral.
In addition, the cash reserve funds become the collateral for the other currencies. Today, the cash reserve itself is the base currency.
The strength of the base currency is derived from the fact that it is a cash reserve.

God is an absolute existence, an immoderate existence. If the human race falls into ruin, it will be the sins of people that will be the cause. If people choose to overlook atrocities, God will become cruel, but if people are determined to show love, God will become a deeply compassionate presence.

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