For people today, money is everything.

For people today, money is everything.
After all, the world is controlled by money.
You can do anything you want if you have enough money.
And that is why, when it comes to money, you must not do anything dirty.

People should be the master of money, and that is how it used to be.
When money lords over people, it is like mistaking the means for the end.
People must not live to earn money.
People only need money to live.

Money is only a tool.
Money is something for you to use. You must not be used by money.
You must be the master of money.
Otherwise, you will become a slave of money.

Once you become a slave to money, even committing murder might be possible.
To earn money, you would sell off your country, and your sense of morality and even your soul.

People’s desires know no bounds. To control your desires, you will need an entity that transcends you; that is, you will need God. Those who do not worship God will ruin their bodies and minds to satisfy their desires.
Such people will destroy not only themselves but also the families and friends that they love and ultimately their country.

Jobs have their own original purposes.
If you are a doctor, your job is to cure diseases, and if you are a politician, you are to serve the country and the public. If you are a banker, you invest to help businesses thrive and contribute to the development of the country. Musicians entertain people or communicate their ideas through their music. Architects build houses for people to live in. Educators teach and nurture people.
Jobs are work. By working, you earn money in return, and this money supports you. Money is a tool.
But if jobs lose their original purposes and functions, only moneymaking would remain.
As a result, doctors would cure diseases just to make money, politicians would take advantage of the country and the public just to make money, and bankers would exploit businesses just to make money.
This is a situation in which the means are mistaken for the end. And in such a situation, things will not go well. This is because the original purposes and functions of jobs are lost.

The purposes of jobs are rooted in the existence of humanity. And the basis of the existence of humanity is God. Therefore, the basis of the economy is God. Religious faith establishes the basis of the economy.

People in modern society have lost sight of the original purpose of the economy.
And what remains is only moneymaking.
Because of this, the economy will not improve, and we will not be able to solve the problems of the environment, energy, population, food, poverty and war.

The nation’s territorial issues may finally be solved politically, but those are basically economic problems.
We insist on laying claim to the territory of small uninhabited islands, and even expose people’s lives to danger, just because it involves the economy.
If that is so, then we should solve those economic problems.
To solve economic problems, you must know the true nature of the economy.

The economy refers to what people do to exist.
The daily activities that people do to exist are known as the economy.
The economy means that which makes people’s lives affluent and happy.

And the economy is the way to make people happy.

The economy means producing or procuring and distributing the things necessary for survival.

In this light, the true nature of the economy is threefold: production, distribution and consumption.
You should not forget this point.

The economy is composed of three systems: a system for producing goods and distributing them; a system for procuring resources from the market, that is, distributing cash; and a system for procuring and utilizing resources for survival from the market.

Of these three systems, it is impossible to build up a single global system that encompasses the system of producing goods and the system of using people. A single global system can be established only for the system of using money.
But accounting, which is a system for settling transactions in cash and measuring profits and losses, is a different problem.

To harmonize people, goods and money is basically a matter of proportionality, of ratios.
This is because people, goods and money are positioned independently, and the factors positioning them are complete and are connected in terms of time.
For example, the composition of the production of goods is balanced at the position of goods. People are balanced at the position of people. Money is balanced at the position of money.

The basic activities and movements of cash flows and the flows of goods are outgoing, incoming and balancing, as well as lending and borrowing.
In the case of money, these elements are income, expenditure and balance, and excesses and shortages are dealt with by lending and borrowing.
The position of cash flows and distribution is based on natural numbers.

For cash, the elements are income, expenditure and balance. Neither goods nor cash has any value less than zero.
For goods, the elements are production, consumption and inventories.

The flow of cash resembles an electric current more than the flow of blood.
The economy works by means of the waveforms that rise when cash moves between economic entities. If cash flows excessively, the negative side will increase. When the negative side is increasing, business activities will overheat.

The yardstick of the economy is income.
This is because income is an evaluation of the work performed by people and provides funds for distribution.
Income turns into earnings when it is paid to people as money.

People receive income in return for their work. The sources of their income are their work and assets.

Work is the source of productive capacity, and income is the funds for distribution.
Therefore, income, which links work to earnings, is the basis of the economy.

Income is based on the work of individuals and the funds for distribution.
Differences among regions and workers are caused by population and productivity. How to balance these differences is the most important problem of the economy.
And income becomes the basis of these differences.

Differences are caused by income.

Differences in income cause unfairness in the world and also poverty.

The root of the problem is not the differences themselves, but the causes of the differences.

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