Do you believe in God?This is a fundamental question.

Do you believe in God?
This is a fundamental question.
Can you forgive yourself?
This is an essential question.

It is difficult to forgive someone else’s sins.
It is more difficult to forgive oneself for one’s own sins than to forgive someone else for their sins.
Since we can’t forgive ourselves, we can’t admit to the charges and repent for our sins.
In order to forgive oneself, a being that transcends oneself is necessary.
And that being is God.
Therefore, human beings need God.

Territorial issues are issues of transaction in Western countries, but, in Asia, they are issues of history.
We can’t find a point of compromise in historical issues because there is nothing uncertain about the past.
Because history is a matter of interpretation, it is impossible to discuss a territorial issue based upon history.
It is impossible to solve a territorial issue based upon history. In the end, a historical issue will fail to reach an agreement.
Ultimately, it is force and arms that solve territorial issues. If Japan, China and South Korea were to become involved in a three-way conflict, the power balance in Asia would be upset. It is easy to foresee that such a fight would result in a conflict mired in the depths of some bottomless swamp. The U.S. would not be left unscathed either. It can’t help but be involved. For the U.S., it would be serious enough to turn its national defense strategies upside down. If the three nations were to fight an endless war now, we can easily imagine that a devastating end for humankind might follow.

There are territorial issues between China and South Korea, between South Korea and Japan, as well as between China and Japan. Even if China and South Korea were to stand together united in an anti-Japan front, it would just be a temporary movement.
What matters is the national interest of each nation. Politicians should contemplate what the national interest is. They should carefully consider whether maintaining conflicts without a point of compromise and developing them into a war would be in line with the national interest.
There is nothing to be done other than to create a form that enables each nation to compromise while protecting the national interest of each nation. What matters is the form. Each nation has certain things that it cannot accept. It is important to clarify between each nation which things are acceptable and which are not, and create a compatible form.

In some instances, silence has a significant meaning.

The stupidest thing is to set off a devastating war involving the whole world because of a trivial and accidental act.
Now humans are in such a state that we have people arguing with bombs in their hands in very confined spaces. If someone were to detonate a bomb, nobody would survive. There will be no winners in the next world war.

It is simply not right for us to curse those who fought and died for our nation. We know why, for what purpose, and for whom they fought and died.
What we can do is only to examine our thoughts and philosophy in detail.

Well over one hundred thousand people were killed by a single bomb in an instant.
Japanese are not allowed even to call attention to this tragedy.
It is a fact that such tragedies occurred not only in Japan but in China and South Korea.
What matters is to mutually recognize a wrong as a wrong.

Innocent people were killed for no reason at all. God will not allow such atrocious bloodshed any more.
Now is the time for humankind to put an end to such a foolish behavior.
Humans must unite to solve environmental issues, food issues and population issues.

At the end of World War II, the Emperor urged the Japanese people to restrain themselves by enduring the unendurable and suffering the insufferable.
Today, the Japanese, Chinese and South Koreans have all become affluent. They are losing their patience because they have become rich.
Rich people should be able to be patient. Eventually, humans will lose their fear of God when they become rich.

A person who denies God makes himself God.
A person who makes himself God will be forgiven by nobody.

When we are happy, we take God lightly. When we are unhappy, we curse God.
But, God is God.
Humans need God. God does not need humans.
If humans were to become extinct, it would be because their own sins. It would be of their own wrongdoing, not by an act of God.

It is God’s love that allows humans to live.

Let me ask again.
Do you believe in God?
Can you forgive yourself?

God bless America

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