the real reason why American industry has declined.

We should think about the real reason why American industry has declined. The real reason for the decline of American industry is that America has lost its Americanness.


What is Americanness? It is well depicted in speeches by Lincoln and Kennedy. America’s government is one that is of the people, by the people, for the people. Americans should ask not what their country can do for them, but what they can do for their country.


Americanness means diligence and loyalty to the country. Since these values have been forgotten, American industry has begun to decline.


The American Dream. The meaning of the American Dream is not becoming rich. As Mickey Mouse says, it means that a dream always comes true if it is continually be sought after, which means that the effort of seeking will be always rewarded.


American industry exists no longer for the people. Industry is nothing but a tool for making money. And American industry also exists not for the people working there, for the community where businesses are located, or for the nation.


The components of an economy are people, things and money. The present economy consists of money alone.

For this reason, first of all, Americans have focused on seeking only short-term profits, and they have cast off any long-term outlook. Second, no investments are being made in human resources. Third, capital, management and labor are separate entities in companies and the corporate identity has been lost. Fourth, companies are unable to retain their earnings and they are losing funds. Fifth, and most important of all, people have lost pride in the products they create and the jobs they do.


Money is just money. Americans have recognized that neither money nor power is everything.


The essence of America lies in pragmatism. This means practicality, a spirit of manufacturing, and gratitude for having work and food. The essence of Americans does not lie in moneymaking.


American corporations have become too large. That’s why they have lost touch with people and community life.


Nobody understands for whom jobs exist. To deal with this issue, it is necessary to think about corporate down-sizing to an appropriate scale, rather than further corporate integration. A corporation must serve the nation, community residents, workers and consumers. An oligopoly or monopoly is substantially the same as communism.



Also, the way that money is used should be changed from speculation to investment.


Another important thing is to look at is people’s lives.


Americans are now confusing. The roots of Japanese-style management, quality control, lifetime employment and family-like management, which have been called Japan’s advantages, are all in America.


America is great. The key to the recovery of America lies in regression to the spirit of the nation’s founders. American industry has declined because America has lost confidence and pride in being America and American. The recovery of American industry hinges on whether America will be able to regain confidence and pride in itself ? in being America.


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