What is America?

What is America? What difference does America make? The answer is the creative ability of America. America has created the nation called the United States and produced the American System. Within this creative ability, America’s great power is hidden. The American dynamics lie in the system of the nation called the United States. It is the American spirit that underlies these dynamics. America is great because of this creative ability, system and spirit, and is unrivalled.


The efficiency of productivity and that of distribution are not the same. Regarding productivity, earning a profit of one million dollars by one hundred people is more efficient than earning a profit of one million dollars by one thousand people. On the other hand, regarding distribution, the latter case is more efficient than the former case.


American companies have become too gigantic. The Major League is a good example. In the League, there is an optimum number of teams. The popularity would not last if games were played only by star players just like All-Star games.


Some say there are too many companies in Japan. But in Japan, many companies have competed with each other in a small market and have worked hard to be more competitive. There is a limit to the scale of an organization. If an organization exceeds a certain limit, corporate efficiency would be worsened extremely.


A large organization is not always good. It is necessary for an appropriate number of companies of the appropriate scale to exist in the market. Now is not the time to seek advantages of scale.

It is the imbalance of debts and receivables that lies at the root of the financial crisis. It is important to take a balance of debts and receivables.


If the efficiency of distribution is respected, it is required to take good care of small and medium enterprises and sole proprietorships. This is because they are the very organizations that provide employment and the core of democracy.


In order to protect them, I believe the roles and methods of trading associations hold an important key.


A permanent economic conference should be established. Such an economic conference should be held for the purpose of maintaining the discipline of the international market. Therefore, it is necessary to invite not only financial ministers and financial institutions but also various market-related organs to such a conference.


Also, in relation to public investment, the circulation of funds is important. For that purpose, I believe it is effective to implement international projects.

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